January 1st, 2008


a new year

i've sort of lost track of time since we went away on holidays before christmas. even though we were only gone for 6 days, it felt like much longer and since we've been back, i find myself unaware of what day it is, or it doesn't feel like it should be the day it is. for example, today. it's the first day of 2008 and it's a tuesday. doesn't feel like a tuesday to me. more like a sunday, since we slept in later than usual and matt's not at work, and also cuz it's snowing outside.

our new year's eve was spent watching movies and drinking champagne in the eleventh hour. for fun, matt and i dressed up even though we were just at home... though only matt stuck it out in his suit the whole night. i couldn't bear to watch a movie in my chinese dress, which i would have most likely ruined.

so our vacation in arizona had its ups and downs, literally...
christmas eve, matt and i experienced the simulation of freefalling by going into a wind tunnel at skydive arizona, thanks to his sister and brother-in-law. it was a very intense experience and personally, once was enough for me. christmas day, i woke up with a sore throat, so the rest of the trip was not as enjoyable as it could have been had i been feeling 100%. boxing day, or the "day after christmas" as it's referred to by americans, we drove to sedona with matt's parents. sedona is famous for its red rock and the scenery there was beautiful. i think the funniest/scariest part of the trip took place there when we "checked in" at the place we were meant to stay for the night. since matt's parents run a b & b, his mom had signed us up to stay at an educator's b & b - people who were formally teachers who open up their homes to guests - because the cost is reasonable and you sort of expect people who are hosting others to be pleasant and have a nice place to stay. well, it turned out the husband and wife who were our hosts were both quite old and sick - the husband could barely walk and breathe and the wife was on morphine for her cancer treatment - so they were not the kind of hosts matt's parents had expected. the scary part was that matt and i almost had to sleep in the basement on separate twin beds with a stained comforter to share between the two of us. the funny part was when matt's mom came up with the excuse that i was with child (not true) and had a bad back so would have to sleep upstairs in the bed that matt's parents were told was theirs. matt's dad had not been let in on the secret, so when matt's mom announced this to the hosts, his jaw dropped and he was like "is there something you haven' told us, cathy?" to make a long story short, matt and i stayed at a motel down the street so matt's parents wouldn't have to sleep in the scary basement. i think we were all better off with that arrangement.

our last full day in arizona was spent doing more sightseeing in sedona and then driving to phoenix for an overnight stay at a hotel near the airport. although it was nice spending time with matt's family during the holidays, it was not quite the warm getaway we'd thought it would be. it was pretty much the same temperature there as it was in toronto, without snow, for most of the trip. so i was happy to get back and see our kitties, though matt's sister's kitties were lovely substitutes while we were there. and even though it was only 6 days that we were away, you would have thought it was an eternity the way dex ran away from us when we came through our front door.

well, i hope everyone else's holidays were joyful and that the new year brings great things all around! i'm off to be somewhat productive now. no official new year's resolutions to speak of, but there are always plans to grow my business, so i best get started asap!