January 16th, 2008


the end...

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yesterday was my final day selling at fresh collective, so i headed down there in the morning with an empty suitcase to bring all my stock home... it was a bit sad, but there were several other designers that happened to stop by too, and i got to say "bye for now" to them. so that was nice. and i'm sure i will be seeing them around toronto, if my plan to do shows this year comes into fruition. first, i must apply and then i have to get accepted :)

anywho, upon my return home, i discovered a broken kitty food bowl (pictured right and below):

i'm not sure what happened, but am guessing suki and dex were chasing each other around and ended up knocking the food bowl downstairs. the suitcase i took with me must have scared them into thinking that we were going away again, so they decided to wreak havoc at home!

suki's curled asleep in my lap as i type right now, and dex is not too far away either, so how can i stay mad at them for long?

in a bid to be more productive, i didn't turn on the tv at all during the day on monday and voila:
nuts card with envelope
a new valentine's card design.

in a short while i'll be heading out to various toronto shops to drop off and pick up stock. and much of the stuff that i brought home from fc will be listed here in the next week or so, or will be sent out to various other shops soon.

here's one of the most recent portrait commissions that i did, a christmas gift from a husband to a wife:
kelly final portrait

more paintings to show in the next few weeks.