January 28th, 2008



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as much as i love our kitties, they often drive me a little bonkers during the day... and night. suki woke me up in the middle of the night and i couldn't get back to sleep, at least not a restful one. she's been a tad sick again this past week, so i thought something was wrong when i woke to a noise and saw her sleeping on the sheepskin rug beside our bed. neither she nor dex seemed to take to that when we first brought it home but she was lying on it and i got paranoid. my rem sleep was disrupted and any chance of getting back to sleep was nixed. even a warm cup of milk after two hours of tossing and turning in bed- a hot toddy as matt calls it - didn't help much.

and now suki is on my lap as i type, my mind groggy. i feel bad for making her move, so i'm procrastinating on the computer when i should be painting. how can you resist such a cute face (pictured to the right) and another one below?

plus, she keeps my lap warm :)

more kitty cuteness:

and driving me crazy:
little risk taker


i finally finished a portrait that was first commissioned last fall. thankfully the client has been really good about not freaking out about the time that's passed. we've both been busy or just got sidetracked and since i have several other paintings to do for her i guess she's seeing it as a big project. portrait pictures to come later this week.