February 21st, 2008


spoiled kitties...

spoiled kitty buttons
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introducing a new design for spring - spoiled kitty. my goal is to come up with a new design each month so if one design doesn't do so well, maybe another will.

the image on the buttons was the original spoiled kitty design, but then i revised it slightly and think it looks better now:
spoiled kitty revised

i've got a screen drying now and will be shooting the new design shortly. hopefully it will go well and i can print some shirts later this evening.

i'm happy to report that we were finally able to rent out our parking spot! all of our phone number tags were taken off the sign we had up but we only received a few calls about it in the last month. how strange. anyways, it's good to be making back some money for our place. if i had less bills to worry about, i would want to help out some of the families who were devastated by that fire yesterday. if they're accepting clothing donations, i could certainly spare some.