pengcath (pengcath) wrote,

week at a glance

i can't believe it's saturday already. feels more like a sunday to me today. this past week seemed to fly by and it had its share of ups and downs. first the ups:

- last fri and sat was spent hanging out with matt as he finally had some free time. we took in cloverfield on friday, after a sushi brunch at st. lawrence market. mmm. and sat we went shopping at the eaton centre, in search of some new duds for matt. i could not believe how many people there still were after christmas. unfortunately our search for a pea coat for matt was a bit late, as most stores seemed to have removed all their winter wear, or else only big sizes were left. matt did get a new sweater, which he's reserved for our "date" nights :)

- i heard back from one of the places I'd emailed about consigning: headquarters galerie and boutique in montreal! so i will be shipping stock to them in the next few weeks. they seem really cool and sweet. angie's been a great correspondent. it's maddening not knowing if all the other places received my emails or not, or if they will "accept" me. guess i have to be patient... or else start hounding them again in a week or so.

- i was featured on the etsy homepage again, finally! sweet. it brought me a few sales, and i gained a few more "hearts" and also reached 600 items sold last week.

- on tuesday i heard from two fc members and have gigs lined up for march. i'll be helping out this cool chick at the spring one of a kind show at the end of march and will also be joining this cool shop at the beginning. so as one door closed, another one opened!

and the downs:

- i've begun applying for part-time jobs... ugh! i hate having to revamp my resume and i hate waiting to see if people will reply/call me for an interview. my last job that required leaving home was several years ago... it feels a bit like i've been defeated when i have to look for part-time work to supplement my income

- also found out that our maintenance fees are going up. dammit! they're setting up a 24 hour security/concierge desk, for our safety. it better be worth it!

that's all for now. some kitty pics will be up by the end of the weekend :)

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