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scout & chloe
Originally uploaded by sukibaby
i've been fortunate to get portrait commissions these past several months and here's the most recent one i finished. the two kitties are both in kitty heaven now so the portrait was commissioned for the owner by her friends, as a way to cheer her up. apparently the cats didn't get along very well, but i thought it best to show them otherwise :)

and here's the one that was first started back in september or october:
lucy patchouli

the client has a whole bunch of different personas that she's dreamed up for her lucy, a ginger tabby. this one shows her as a hippy cat. the next one i'm working on features her as a hitchhiking halloween gypsy cat!

anywho, i updated my site today. yay for being somewhat productive so far. i really should get off the computer and work on the other things i have on the go!

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