pengcath (pengcath) wrote,

q. why do i hate taking public transit, especially in the winter?

a. one, because there are crazy people who like to talk to you, though i was lucky enough to not become engaged in conversation with one today. and most are harmless. but more importantly, two, the streetcars are usually crowded and i was not so fortunate today to break someone's fall... he ended up fucking up my back even more than it already is. we need a new mattress, yes, but seriously, this guy could not keep his balance and yet he wasn't holding on to anything, so when the driver accelerated he flew back several times. the second time he fell into my hands and a lady who was seated beside him. of course i happened to be standing right behind him. the last time he fell, he literally fell into the empty seat which the lady who he'd fallen on had vacated. it was kind of funny but my back hurts now. stupid man!

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