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i am so furious right now!!!

it is just my luck that when i finally decide to step out for a half hour to go to the post office, the delivery i was waiting for showed up. and of course the security person was not at her desk when i was on my way out so i couldn't ask her to accept the delivery for me. what are we paying more fees for if there is not always someone at the front entrance?!!!

and i'd already waited around all friggin day for my american apparel order that i got fed up and had to go mail out etsy orders. the nearest post office to me was closed yesterday even though there was still mail service. stupid fake holiday!

i've kept a customer waiting on her shirt order so that is why i'm so pissed that i have to keep her waiting another day or two now. just had to vent...

when i'm feeling a bit calmer i will post some happier news.

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